Wrestling Mat Light

The Light of CHAMPIONS

Our Mat Light

ECmatlight (1)Our light comes with a 400 watt Metal Halide TH Series Housing  and Bulb that produces 40,000 lumens of light,that’s equal to 4–500 watt light bulbs. Our cone has a triple lock system for safety, the two side clips insure that  when installed correctly this light will not fall, the center clip is used for raising and lowering. The two side clips can also be used to set the height over the mat. Our light bulb has a metal cage to protect it while It’s hanging in the gym. If you choose to permanently mount the light, our unique Pattern Pending design allows the light to be mounted at a height of 22 to 25 feet above the mat without the need of a hoist, and gives you all the light that you need without any shadows at the outer edges of the circle. The pictures in our gallery give you a great  idea of what you can expect form our light.

 We now offer a LED that produces about 32,000 lumens of light at the same price as our Metal Halide. It is your choice, below are a couple of pictures of our LED at a school in NJ.                              

We also can customize your light –you can change the outer shell color for a school color of your choice, we can also air brush text to the shell –as you can see from the gallery. Our goal is to provide you with a light that will give wrestlers and fans years of enjoyment.


The price for our all white Mat Light is—-$925.00 { includes ballast housing, 400 watt Metal Halide bulb, bulb guard , and 3 clips }

To add a second color to the outer shell is an additional —$85.00

Text for outer shell– school logo or letters add –$120.00


Please allow  3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

 Please contact us for shipping and handling cost.