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Wrestling Mat Light— 013


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Grabbing the spotlight

The lights blink out in the tiny gym as the ominous dinging that marks the theme from  “Halloween” blares from the speakers. A hulking, hooded figure steps out of the darkness. He stands motionless in the shadows at the corner of the wrestling mat.

You can’t see the scowl on the face of the Hackensack heavyweight, but you know it’s there. He high fives each of his fellow seniors, who race out of the dark one at a time, synchronized with the music as they run laps around the mat.

When the song hits its crescendo, the rest of the team races out with the seniors to finish warm-ups in the bright light that rings the wrestling mat. The capacity crowd, already whipped into a frenzy, creates a deafening roar by stomping its feet on the well-worn bleachers.

Wrestling may be the purest of high school sports.One-on-one. No helmet. No stick. No ball. Yet, to attract athletes and fans, a little marketing doesn’t hurt.

“It gets the crowd going. And it gets the other bench looking and wondering, “What are they doing?” The lights go off and only one guy is coming out. Where is everybody else?”

Stallone said,” We try to make it a complete event. We’re trying to sell the sport, to the fans and the athletes. It’s a difficult sport to do. We want our junior wrestlers to come to our matches and think, ” I can’t wait until I get to go out there and wrestle in high school.

Stallone first got the idea for the light when he saw one being used at Merrimack.

“It pumps up the crowd, and sometimes the crowd could  be the difference between a win and a loss.

Coach Alex Almeyda said.”with the house lights off, it creates the feel of a boxing arena. Wrestling has taken a big hit.A lot of schools out there can’t field their own teams.The Mat Light helps sell the sport. It creates the feeling of a main event.”

“It really gets you going. The mat light makes it feel like you’re in an arena and you’re the show. It’s just you out there. That’s what makes wrestling unique.”

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